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The Functioning Of My Internal Processor

The body consists of physical limbs to move around and carry out its tasks in the physical world. So too, the soul has the subtle limbs - the limb possessing the power to think (mind), the limb possessing the power to reason and make decisions (intellect) and limb of its own unique personality. These three subtle limbs are used to maneuver, control and carry out tasks in the inner subtle (non-physical) world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, mental images and nature characteristics (or commonly called habits). 

 We need to understand completely how these limbs work individually and also how they function together in conjunction as a team. This understanding helps us immensely in putting our personal mental and emotional world in order. 

If the processor of our computer develops a problem, our computer comes to a standstill. We will be able to fix it only if we know how it works.

In the same way, we have an internal processor which has three processes going on inside it continuously right through the day - the processes of thinking (mind), deciding (intellect) and becoming (sanskaras) - which affect our complete functioning as a human being. Only if we understand completely the functioning of this internal processor, we can start correct ourself and function well.

Most of us try to maintain our body as “beautiful” as possible, but ignore the real “beauty” of our mind. Our mind has enormous power & most important and let us use it in the right direction to lead a “beautiful”, “peaceful” and Happy Life!

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