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Vinson Palathingal


Originally from Kochi, Kerala, Vinson graduated from Government Engineering College, Thrissur (Calicut University, Kerala) in 1988 with a B-Tech degree in Civil Engineering. After 3 years of work as a Project Engineer at KITCO Ltd (Kerala Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organization) in Kochi and another year as a Site Engineer at Ali-Al Sehebani Associates in Al-Hofuf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Vinson moved to Reno, Nevada, USA in 1992, to pursue his Masters in Civil Engineering. He graduated from University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) in 1995.

 In 1995, he joined Maryland State Highway Administration as a consulting Inspection Engineer. In 1996 Vinson moved on to Metro Washington Council of Governments as an Environmental Analyst/Programmer. In 1997, Vinson joined Fannie Mae as a Business System Technologist, switching his professional focus from Civil Engineering to Information Technology. In 1999 he left FannieMae to start his own IT business, Amaram Technology Corporation. Amaram Technology Corporation provides strategic IT consulting, custom software development, project & program management, and other critical technical expertise to its commercial and US federal government clients in Washington area and beyond. In 2010, he cofounded a General Trading business, AmscoGlobal LLC (Americn Merchandise Supply Company), exporting major American brands all over the world.

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