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Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri

Poet & Lyricist

The enchantment of Shri Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri began with the beautiful lyrics that flowed out of his pen for the song “Devadundubi Ragalayam” in Fazil’s film “Ennennum Kannettante”. With the lyrics having sunk in every Malayali’s fond memories, Shri Kaithapram became the new star on the horizon of Malayalam cinema. Till date more than 300 songs have found meaning through the deft writing of Shri Kaithapram. His skills did not limit themselves till here though. He went on to give one of the biggest hits in the history of Malayalam cinema with his first-time attempt at music composition for the songs in the movie Desadanam He has won the hearts of even the youngest of the generation, with his song “Lajjavathiye".

He has also made his mark in the field of poetry and prose, which is evident by the wide acceptance received by his books. He has also made appearances in many films as a classical or semi-classical singer. As a child Shri Kaithapram had received his initial Veda education from his grandfather and later on he had the good fortune of being trained under gurus like Parassi Thamburan, SVS Panicker, and other. Today he is the Managing Trustee of Swathithirunal Kala Kendram (Music School) at Kozhikode bestowing the gift of music upon more than 400 students.

 Shri Kaithapram is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards from various Government and cultural organizations in Kerala, including the Kerala State Film Award for Best Lyricist and Best Music Director. In addition, he has been promoting the healing power of music through the Music Therapy Foundation, which has successfully cured many all over the country.


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