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Malayali Friend's Group

Malayali Friend’s Group (MFG), founded by Shri Gopal Nair in January 2009, is now three-year old!

MFG has global presence with more than 151149 members from 82 countries. We thank all our friends for their words of appreciation, congratulatory mails, valuable contributions and full-fledged support with smiling faces. It has added strength to our efforts in crossing all the hurdles to reach the present stage. We would like to record here that your encouraging words have really done wonders in motivating us and helped us to take tenacious and realistic strides towards achieving our goals. In the last three years, MFG has grown like a big banyan tree with multiple roots spreading all through the global earth. This three-year journey has taught us that ‘Deeds done with pure thoughts, and without expectations of returns, will certainly result in beneficial outcomes.

We have a dream to make MFG truly an international organization, providing quality social services to the humankind. The idea being integrated development – physical, mental, cultural, spiritual and fiscal growth - of all our friends across the world.

Without your whole-hearted support, we cannot achieve these goals. Hence, we seek your continued support and cooperation in the days to come. Here,we have no qualms in borrowing words from Robert Frost’s famous poem “…we have promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep, miles to go before we sleep.” The spirit of these words is our guiding principle.

About Malayali Friend's Group

Looking back we find, we have a treasure chest full of cherished memories and have had wonderful experiences over the years. For any organization looking towards faster growth, in terms of provision of social supports, such memories work as the stepping stones for promoting the current projects and cultivating new ideas. This rings true for Millennium Charitable Trust (MCT) and Malayali Friend's Group (MFG).

A philanthropist at heart and in deeds, Shri Gopal Nair sowed the seed of MFG and nurtured it with unconditional love and dedication. Today, MFG stands tall with a membership base of over 151149 people from 82 countries, and many requests for new membership continue to in from various parts of the world.

We are citizens of a rational world governed by senses and sensibilities. But somewhere deep down in our hearts, we all wish for miracles to happen when we land in a crisis and look for a magic lamp which, when rubbed, could bring in a genie that could fulfill our wishes or solve our problems. Today, MFG has proved to be one such genie for many. When one sits cursing oneself about being jobless and is worried about future, all of a sudden pops up a mail with information about a vacancy with a reputed company!

Not just jobs, but many have found new abodes and a better life. Many have even found their life-partners and much more through MFG!

The Services

Anyone and everyone can avail MFG’s service. MFG caters to all regardless of their membership, age, gender, caste and religion - absolutely free of cost!!!


The Creations of the Mind

Scientists have learned a lot about our physical functioning, but most admit that what actually keeps a human being alive is a mystery not completely solved. Rising above being just a product of chemical and electrical activity in the brain, as believed by many of us, spirituality orients me and trains me to come close to my real self, my spiritual self. Before I was a stranger to my own self, unaware of what is going inside my consciousness and distant from my own self.

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Founder & Administrator of MFG

Gopal Nair talks about the genesis and metamorphosis of MFG into a conglomeration of Malayalees from around the globle.

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MFG Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our purpose,values and guiding principles

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MFG Management

The driving force behind MFG is an aggregation of the best minds from all walks of life. They are the  crème de la crème in their profession and spare their invaluable time for the cause of Malayalees from around the globe. 






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God's Own Country

Kerala possesses an unbroken tradition of Ayurveda that has surpassed the many invasions and intrusions both foreign and native.

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