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In the year 2011, MFG has provided 49 educational scholarships to children from economically poor families. They have been able to utilize this amount for meeting their expenses of school fee, purchase of books and uniforms. Millennium Charitable Trust, an institution created for various activities aimed at supporting and uplifting mankind, particularly the under privileged stratum of society.

In the year 2010 the Trust has decided to distribute educational scholarship to 41 students from Low Income Group families. The amount of scholarship ranges from Rs.3000 to Rs.6000, depending upon the class of the students.

The beneficiaries were selected by an independent panel comprising eminent personalities from the relevant field. They evaluated the candidature, supported by documentary evidence, on a set of criteria such as

  • Annual Income of the Family
  • Academic Progress of the student by way of Marks obtained in each Term Examination and Terminal Examination, and
  • General/Social background of the family (educational status of parents, living accommodation, expenditure on rent etc)

The purpose of this scholarship is to ensure that dearth of money did not deter bright students from pursuing further studies.

It is the intention of the Trust to increase the number of beneficiaries every year.


MFG Health Cell was started with a view to helping the poor and suffering with authentic and reliable medical advice by renowned medical practitioners in their respective field of medicine. That the services of the health cell shall be free and no commercial interest would be sought while providing such advice. 


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MFG Legal Cell is aimed at provided free legal advise, based on the information furnished, to our member-friends. It provides only FREE LEGAL ADVICE and NOT any litigation support. 


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MFG Projects

MFG is a platform where ideas / requests for a number of charitable activities are received. These projects then circulated among members inviting volunteer ship. Projects get picked up voluntarily by benevolent sponsors. This ensures a direct linkage between the “donation and the spend”.

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