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MFG Legal Cell is aimed at provided free legal advise, based on the information furnished, to our member-friends. It provides only FREE LEGAL ADVICE and NOT any litigation support. The advises will be provided by our panel members, consisting eminent lawyers from different fields.

That the Cell shall be known as ‘MFG Legal Cell;

Notwithstanding the above, the Legal Cell shall be governed by the Rules and the Regulations of MCT and shall work  under the overall guidance and supervision of the Chairman/President of the MCT;

That the services of the legal cell shall be free and no commercial interest would be sought while providing such advice;

That the Cell shall provide services to all the people who seek help in the form of legal advice, irrespective of their sex, caste, religion, or region; 

That while seeking legal advice, the person who seeks such  advice shall provide complete information about their legal problems and the intention for which such advice is sought from MFG legal cell; and should attach copies of relevant documents for the study by  the legal cell and for providing advice;

That such information/ scanned copy of the documents shall be furnished to the legal cell at by email;

That it should be understood by all that MFG Legal Cell shall NOT provide any litigation support, nor take any responsibility for filing of any suit or case on behalf of the applicant;

That the Legal Cell shall make every efforts in disposing of each application for advice expeditiously, but within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of receipt of such application, along with complete details/supporting documents, depending on the availability of panelists with the Cell;

That MFG Legal Cell reserves its right to refuse any application for legal advice without assigning any reasons thereof, if the information provided by any person is incomplete, false, inaccurate or insufficient to provide a legal opinion; 

That MFG Legal Cell shall also not entertain any application for legal advice if it finds that no useful purpose would be served by such advice and that the legal advice sought shall be used for frivolous,  mischievous or other detrimental causes;

That the MFG Legal Cell shall also disclaim all responsibilities/liabilities arising out of/and or connected with the legal advice rendered by the Legal Cell and shall protect itself against all such liabilities and damages; 

That MFG LEGAL CELL shall also reserve its right to refuse FREE LEGAL ADVICE if, in its analysis, find that there is a chance for using such advice for illegal purposes or against the national interest or have some ulterior motives and are against the avowed objectives of MFG;

That MFG LEGAL CELL shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damages that may be accrued to the applicant arising out of the use of advice or legal information provided by MFG Legal Cell, as the applicant is at complete liberty to accept or reject out-rightly the advice given by MFG legal cell; 

That it should be clearly understood by all that MFG shall not support any litigation in any court of law or shall help promote such matters in any way, and that if any person wants to engage himself/herself in any litigation for restoring his/her right in a court of law, he/she shall be free to do so as per his/her wishes; 

That the legal advice shall be provided on ‘first come-first served’ basis;

That MFG Legal Cell reserves its right to discontinue this voluntary and free service at any time and without giving any notice to this effect;

That if it is known by MFG that the legal advice /information given by it has been used for any commercial purpose MFG retains its right to claim damages from such person;

That MFG may explore the possibility of getting due accreditation from the Government for conducting LOK ADALATS; and that in the event of such accreditation being given to MFG Legal Cell it shall plan to organize Lok Adalats in various parts of the country with a view to making amicable settlement of any legal issue/ disputes between different entities; 

That with a view to spreading legal literacy/awareness/information, MFG’s Legal Cell shall organize workshops, seminars and training programs from time to time with the support of various state Governments and the Central Government;

That with a view to fulfilling its objectives, MFG shall also try to undertake dissemination of legal information to the laymen.

 Legal Cell Panel

Legal Cell - Guidelines

With a view to helping the poor people to get valid and tested legal advice, the Malayali Friends Group, a unit of Millennium Charitable Trust(MCT) has opened a new unit under the name and title of  ‘MFG Legal Cell’ with effect from January 2011. 

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MFG Educational Scholarship

MFG provides educational scholarships to children from economically poor families. They utilize this amount for meeting their expenses of school fee, purchase of books and uniforms. 


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MFG Health Cell was started with a view to helping the poor and suffering with authentic and reliable medical advice by renowned medical practitioners in their respective field of medicine. That the services of the health cell shall be free and no commercial interest would be sought while providing such advice. 


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MFG Projects

MFG is a platform where ideas / requests for a number of charitable activities are received. These projects then circulated among members inviting volunteer ship. Projects get picked up voluntarily by benevolent sponsors. This ensures a direct linkage between the “donation and the spend”.

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