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MFG is a platform where ideas / requests for a number of charitable activities are received. These projects then circulated amongst members inviting volunteership. So far, by the grace of GOD, within no time, these projects got picked up voluntarily by benevolent sponsors. This ensures a direct linkage between the “donation and the spend”.

It is to our pleasant surprise that none of our projects have failed to take off for want of sponsorship. We are tempted to add that God’s Own Country is producing “Godly people” through MFG.

Our confidence stems from the fact that our active members comprise some acclaimed Malayalis who have left a great impact on the society in their professions. In the 2nd innings of their life, they have demonstrated tremendous zeal and commitment for the cause of MFG and its mission of serving the humanity.

Gift of Education – Underprivileged Children

Setting up enabling grounds for the provision of ‘education to the under-privileged children’ will always remain one of the prime goals of us among the various proclaimed objectives.   Read More

Gift of Heart – Open Heart Surgery

Though it is called the rich man's disease, ailments related to the heart visits those too who cannot afford the expenses. This Project endeavors to arrange free heart surgeries to underpriviledged children.   Read More

Gift of Life - Blinds

Under this project we empower visually impaired poor persons to be able to startup a dignified and sustainable livelihood by supporting them with a seed capital.   Read More

Gift of Life - Elderly

We are giving a monthly subsistence allowance of Rs.1000 per person to widowed/poor/abandoned elderly people, especially Ammas.   Read More

Gift of Life – Physically challenged

This project has been launched with an aim to extend support to physically challenged poor to live a life with dignity.   Read More

Gift of Life – Save the Girl Child

There are millions of underprivileged girl children who live with a hope that someday someone will make their lives worth living. Some who will give them the love they deserve and fulfill their dreams and aspirations…Let us support atleast a few of them.   Read More

Gift of Sight – Blinds

This project is aimed in helping the visually impaired from among the poor, needy and socially marginalized sections of the society. Restoration of sight is helping people not only to regain their livelihood but also providing confidence, self-esteem, dignity and independence in their lives.   Read More

Gift of Smile – Cleft Lips

Project Gift of Smile is our new edeavor started in order to bring smiles and happiness in the lives of children, especially girls, with the 'cleft lip' condition. We strive to helping these children to lead a normal life.   Read More

MFG Educational Scholarship

MFG provides educational scholarships to children from economically poor families. They utilize this amount for meeting their expenses of school fee, purchase of books and uniforms. 


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MFG Health Cell was started with a view to helping the poor and suffering with authentic and reliable medical advice by renowned medical practitioners in their respective field of medicine. That the services of the health cell shall be free and no commercial interest would be sought while providing such advice. 


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MFG Legal Cell is aimed at provided free legal advise, based on the information furnished, to our member-friends. It provides only FREE LEGAL ADVICE and NOT any litigation support. 


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